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We hope these FAQ's answer all of your questions, however if you still have an unanswered question or concern, feel free to contact us Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at (732) 541-2807, or send us an email anytime!

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What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide that is used primarily as a cooling agent. Dry Ice sublimes at an extremely cold temperature (−109.3 °F), which makes it dangerous to handle. 

How do I handle and dispose of Dry Ice? 

Always handle Dry Ice with care and wear protective cloth or leather gloves while handling. Using a towel or oven mitt will be sufficient protection. Brief handling with protection is harmless, but extended contact with the skin will cause a burn similar to a heat burn.

To dispose of Dry Ice, place it in a well-ventilated, room temperature area, always out of reach of children and animals. The Dry Ice will sublimate from a solid to a gas. 
Do not leave Dry Ice on a tiled or solid surface countertop as the extreme cold could crack it. 

What if there's a problem with my order?

If you have a problem with your order, please send us an email so we can rectify the situation in the best way possible. Please note: shipping fees cannot and will not be refunded.